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goodbye 2013

I was more than ready to say goodbye to 2013, I think I’ve been ready since July. 2013 was a bit brutal and I’m glad to be rid of her, to be quite honest about it. But, seeing as I’m sick in bed with a head cold and my consumption of TLC trash tv is getting embarrassing, I decided to give the year a closer look.

Though the lows of this past year were by far some of the lowest, and the trials some of my toughest, there is also so so much goodness in our lives. For our loving families, for our wonderful friends who feel like family, and for the silly hounds that fill my heart with joy, I am tremendously grateful. I’m also pretty dang proud that this little family of mine, Jordan, Willow and I, weathered this storm of a year. So, feeling sappy and full of snot, here are some of my favorite moments from 2013.





















Onwards and upwards. 2014 we’re ready for you.



we’ve got a recipe index! and email subscription too!

Another awesome announcement!

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Em & Jordan

Randomness San Francisco

polaroids from a day in santa cruz

A few weekends ago we met friends in Santa Cruz. We caught a few solid rides before the tide turned on us and we decided to head in. We ate lunch at The Picnic Basket. In a land of corn dogs and funnel cakes, they serve beautiful local food. I don’t turn my nose up at funnel cake, but something so fresh and good on the boardwalk was a nice surprise. After we finished eating we still had time on the meter so we walked around the neighborhood.


The meter ran out and we parted ways. Jordan and I drove up the coast as the fog rolled back in. We stopped to get strawberries and artichokes. We listened to Eat a Peach. It felt like summer.


Randomness San Francisco

a few photos from bolinas

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Bolinas these days. Bolinas is mellow and quiet and adorable. The air smells like eucalyptus, the surf is gentle, the people are friendly.  It reminds me of Arnold, where my grandparents have a cabin and we spent many summers as kids, just swap the eucalyptus for redwoods. I don’t have a recipe to share, just a few photos from the weekend—though the People’s Community Market does serve a damn good chai.










Randomness San Francisco

a break from our regularly scheduling programming

For some surf photos, shot by Jordan at Ocean Beach a few weeks ago when the swell was really pumping.

_MG_0334 _MG_0346 _MG_0348 _MG_0361 _MG_0363 _MG_0364  _MG_0382  _MG_0389

We’ll be back soon with news of oysters and risotto and pot roast.


christmas cookie time!

Last Sunday I had some lovely ladies over to bake Christmas cookies. And boy did we do it up … sugar cookies, chocolate cookies, chocolate and vanilla pinwheels, lemon-ricotta cookies, biscotti, two types of mexican wedding cookies, black and whites, plus peppermint bark and chocolate-pumpkin truffles. It was six hours of baking awesomeness. Here are some photos from the day. Recipes might come if I’m feeling frisky over Christmas.

12.18.12-9 12.18.12-10 12.18.12-11 12.18.12-12 12.18.12-13 12.18.12-14 12.18.12-15 12.18.12-16 12.18.12-17

Hope you’re enjoying your holidays so far!



be back soon … in wedding cake land

Thanks to a kind of crazy twist of fate and two very trusting friends, I am baking a wedding cake. My friend Katie is getting married to her sweetheart this Friday in Sacramento. I’ll be there, wedding cake for 165 people in hand, praying to the sugar and butter gods that it turns out perfectly.

Over the past few days, I’ve been very busy with the prep work for my wedding cake debut. Seeing as I work full-time (not baking!) and my kitchen is 40 square feet, it’s taken a lot of planning to produce the required amount of cake. I’ll be back to tell you all about it soon, but here are some photos of the progress thus far to tide you over.

If you’re insanely curious about how this whole thing goes down, I’ll be sharing as I go on Instagram. Find me @emilyvoigtlander.

Wish me luck!


Randomness San Francisco

the forage kitchen

You might remember my mention of the Underground Market here in San Francisco a few years ago. Well, despite being tremendously successful at attracting both vendors and eaters, the Market was shut down by the city due to health code violations. The Market’s founder Iso Rabins has come up with a new (and legal) way to help these artisanal food businesses get off the ground. It is called the Forage Kitchen and they’re raising money on Kickstarter.

I wrote a piece about the future Forage Kitchen, what it’s existence means for food entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and where it fits within the national shift towards eating local for GOOD Magazine. You can read the entire piece here, and I hope you do.


Randomness San Francisco

as of late

Hi there friends. It’s been a while. I’ve been busier than ever in JOBYland, and that is mostly to blame for the lack of blogging. I’ve got recipes, but am currently lacking the motivation to actually write them up. Instead, I’m going to post some photos of the last week or so and hope you still stick around despite my neglect.

If you’re curious what the photo side of my brain has been working on, check it out here, here and here.

Have a beautiful weekend!



daikon soup?

Jordan wanted to pickle daikon radishes, which is a great and delicious idea, and so he procured some lovely young little daikons. They sat happily in our fridge awaiting their future pickling—until I accidentally turned them into soup.  Daikons are not parsnips, as it turns out. In fact, they are much more watery, much more radishy and very little like parsnips at all, except for their looks.

I was in the middle of making my potato and ‘parsnip’ soup when Jordan came home from work. The soup had just entered into a mysteriously watery state when he walked through the door asking what was for dinner. Potato and parsnip soup was my cheery reply. Where did you get the parsnips, he wondered out loud. The fridge was my matter-of-fact answer. And that is when the ‘a daikon is not a parsnip’ bomb dropped and the reason behind my very watery soup became clear.

Well, when your soup is the consistency of broth because of an ingredient snafu and you still need to somehow turn that mess into a dinner, add half a pound of dry pasta and it will soak the excess water right up. Your potato soup will become a sort of pasta sauce and you’ll now be able to enjoy a carbtastic meal. I won’t torture you will the recipe, but keep the pasta trick in mind.