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the short answer

I’m Emily. He’s Jordan. And we like to cook and eat together. Our days revolve around what we can eat and when we can eat it. We cook, we eat and then we blog about it. As you’ll soon see, despite an undeniable love of pork, we often deviate into other edibles and occasionally even non-edibles. Bon appétit!


the long answer

We started this blog in 2010 as an ambitious project to fill San Francisco’s online restaurant review void, but soon realized that our passion lay more in cooking than restaurant reviewing. Plus, eating out in this wonderful city is dang expensive and devoting ourselves to restaurant reviews just wasn’t in our student/secretary budget. But what does fit in the budget is creating meals at home.

We like good, simple food that’s done right.  We eat with the seasons when ingredients are at their best. We use butter and cream and cheese and don’t feel bad about it. This blog is both where we stretch ourselves and return to old favorites.  We love the vibrant community of food producers and eaters here in San Francisco and are thrilled to be a part of it.

To sum it up, we love food and want to share that with you. It’s our hope that we can help you get dinner on the table and become friends along the way.

-Emily and Jordan

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