Queso Chronicles

queso chronicles: brie and blue

Here we have two delightful cheeses that are both reasonably priced and crowd-pleasing.  One is a triple-cream brie (I’m really sorry, but I forgot which it was exactly, but you really can’t go wrong with anything that starts its name with ‘triple-cream’).  This cheese is so creamy and buttery it almost doesn’t count as cheese.  Typically, I’m not one for brie because of how mild it is, but while this one lacks in flavor it makes up for it with texture.  A great mild cheese for spreading on bread (which Emily always wants to do for some reason).

The second is one of my personal favorites: gorgonzola dolce.  This creamy blue is mild and sweet with a bit of nuttiness.  If your don’t like blue cheese you should give this one a shot; I characterized it as an “entry-level blue.”

Of course we couldn’t have these cheese by themselves, so as you can see they are accompanied by a very nice prosciutto americano by La Quercia and a sopressata by  Fra’mani.