sucré macarons giveaway {closed}

Today is an exciting day! Today you have the chance to win these delicious cookies!


Before you think, “Dang, Emily, you’ve gotten so good at making delicate french pastries. And snap, that packing is impressive for a food blog,” I’ll clarify. I have yet to attempt the difficulties of the french macron—though the idea will eternally be bouncing around in my head. These beautiful macrons are from Sucré, an artisanal sweet boutique in New Orleans specializing in macarons and chocolates and glorious baked goods.


They kindly send Jordan and me a box of their delicious macrons, which we promptly devoured in one sitting. Our plan was just to have one as an after work snack before starting dinner, but these cookies are good—impossible to just have one good. I was a big fan of pistachio and dark chocolate, Jordan was torn between pecan and salted caramel.


We know you’ll love them too, which is why we’re happy to say that Sucré has offered to send a box to one of our readers. Comment below to enter to win some of these delightful confections delivered right to your door! Giveaway ends next Tuesday June 18th so get on it!  Giveaway closed. Congratulations Elisabeth Springer! Thanks for playing along everyone!



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22 replies on “sucré macarons giveaway {closed}”

My goodness, I haven’t had a proper french macaron since I visited Paris in 2009. I would be delighted to say the least to be the recipient of such delectable looking treats!

They look so yummy! I would love to enter to win a box- salted caramel sounds right up my alley 🙂

Congratulations Elisabeth! You’ve won a box of macarons! Email us at theanswerisalwayspork{at}gmail{dot}com to collect your fabulous prize!

I have been dreaming about salted caramel treats!!! That is definitely one of my favorite flavors of sweeties. Although, soooome people (Rob) this it’s bad. The packaging on that wee box is so beautiful as well! ahhhh Macarooooons! 😀 😀 😀

Are you picking based on the wittiest comment or randomly? Please let it be the latter. I’m feeling lucky but not particularly witty today.

Randomly. 🙂 I also am not always at the top of my game for witty comments so I’ll throw you a bone.

Yum. These look like a great way to refuel after a long run. I’m sure they’re fat and sugar free 😉 jk

Those look good and put me in for the drawing but I can’t wait to see the ones you make.

What a wonderful way to be introduced to your food blog! I’m looking forward to
reading more!
And thanks for the chance to win/eat those beautiful macarons….

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