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our csa box from eatwell farms

Jordan and I joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) group!  What does that mean exactly … It means we make a commitment to purchase a weekly box  of produce from a local farm, we get awesome, seasonal, picked-that-morning-produce, the majority of every dollar we spend goes directly to the people working hard to produce our food, and our money stays in our local economy. AWESOME!  Our farm is Eatwell Farms and I want to share the beautiful produce we just picked up!

This week we got: Mandarins, spinach, arugula, winter greens, savoy cabbage, celeriac, watermelon diakon, leeks, carrots, pink lady apples, and a half dozen fresh eggs.

WHAT BEAUTIFUL FOOD! (I may have gone a little crazy with the photos, but I couldn’t resist!)

Another awesome part about our CSA box … we don’t pick what we receive so we end up with ingredients that are new and unfamiliar (celeriac for example). Now, that’s fun in the kitchen!

If you are interested in joining a CSA in your area please visit


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Em and Jordan, this is so exciting! I have totally thought about joining one 🙂 It’s a little tougher to find stuff out here in Chicago, but I’m sure there are some great ones somewhere. Enjoy and keep us posted on the awesome stuff you get!!


Hi Rach,
Yes! I am so excited! I’m thinking of a weekly CSA photo post. 🙂 You should try and hunt one down … most have 1 week or 1 month trials … you never know what you can find! The CA weather is a bit more forgiving to year-round farming though!

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