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Why we do what we do.

We love San Francisco, but it has one small problem: there isn’t an awesome food blog around.  Of course there are some great resources out there (especially when looking for inspirational recipes or ingredients to use at home) but when searching for a decent restaurant, common restaurant review sites aren’t up to snuff.  We’ve had some awesome meals in the city but we have also been led astray by ‘credible reviews.’  This occurred last night when we decided to dine at Moussy’s due to the positive feedback it had received on the internet.  Basically, we were disappointed, but more on that later.

The reason for this blog is simple: those reviews aren’t helping us, so there must be others out there who are in the same situation as us; we just want to help.  We’ve had better success going into a place on pure chance than we have after doing some extensive research.

I’ll lay it out for you.  We like good, simple food that’s done right.  It can be cheap or expensive as long as the value is there.  In the review portion of our blog, we will try to find some of the less obvious places and give you a clear and comprehensive assessment of the food, service, etc.  It probably won’t come  down to the standard newspaper review style ($$$ for price, bells for noise, etc.) but these aspects will be considered when a final verdict is given.  Our philosophy when judging a restaurant is simple: will we be back?  We feel this takes all aspects into account and weighs them in a way that matters to us.

Going out isn’t all we do though.  We both love to cook and Emily is working on this baking project that I’m sure she would love to explain later.  We may even post things that we find interesting that aren’t food related.

To sum it up, we love food and want to share this with everyone.  Hopefully we can help some people out along the way and make some friends!


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Cooking and Eating in San Francisco

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