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Three years ago when Jordan and I started this blog, we never thought we’d to keep it up this long. Like several previous blogging attempts, I fully expected it to fizzle out after a few months. But somehow, cooking and sharing our stories here has really stuck. Because of this blog, I’ve become a much better cook, a more adventurous eater, a better photographer and a better writer too. I couldn’t be happier than when my tiny apartment kitchen is full of friends and food, leaving me with stories and recipes to share.

Because it seems like this blogging thing might stick around for a while, I decided to try my hand at a redesign. We hadn’t changed anything about the blog since we started it a few years ago and it was time. Now here we are with a new logo, cleaner design, and mobile optimized! With any luck, an updated recipe index will soon follow. If there’s something new you’d like to see, here’s your chance to let us know.

And lastly, a huge thanks to you for reading and commenting and cooking our recipes. It means the world to me.


By The Answer is Always Pork

Cooking and Eating in San Francisco

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