how to celebrate a blogiversary

Guess what? We’ve been blogging for a year! Hurray! Honestly I wasn’t sure that we’d be able to keep this rather ambitious project afloat, but here we are with more cooking adventures under our belt than I had ever imagined. It feels pretty darn good.

A few days ago, a coworker asked my why I blog, why I put my personal anecdotes up on the interweb for all to see. I do it because I love food. But more than I love food, I love the community that cooking and eating creates. Spending time with people I love over a good meal is my favorite thing in life. This blog lets me connect to all those folks out there that I love so dearly but can’t invite over for Sunday dinner because of the challenges of time and distance. Yep this is a little sappy, but anyone who knows me knows, I am a total sap and I like it that way.

To celebrate our first blogiversary—in true The Answer is Always Pork fashion—we invited a few friends over to take down a towering mountain of pork spare ribs. I made our favorite oven BBQ ribs and cornbread, our friend Robin supplied the home fries and a salad, our friends Jessi and Nadar brought the wine. It was an absolutely wonderful meal with fabulous food, incredible friends and a whole lot of love. Perfection.

And a little note: Jordan’s delightful prose has been light the past few months, but the handsome devil has been so busy studying, reading, writing, grading, and researching his brain to death. For this tremendous scholastic exertion, I am cutting him some slack. Hopefully he will be back soon.