San Francisco Thoughts on Life

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We’ve lived in San Francisco for a little over seven years now. The weather this summer has felt a lot like the summer we first moved to the city. Thick fog hangs over most of the city until noon, dissipates, then rolls back in around 4. You wake up to the sound of the fog horn, and go to sleep to the sound of the fog horn.

The thick, misty fog makes Jordan especially happy. This weather is his favorite weather. It will always remind me of our first few months in the neighborhood, getting our first apartment together, so very excited and so very terrified.

A lot of living has happened in this little apartment in the years since, and we’re still here, still grateful to live in this beautiful, delicious, dirty, loving, conflicted city. She isn’t perfect,┬ábut I can’t imagine a place that would feel more like home.

I’ve poured my love of San Francisco into something relatively useful: a map of all of our favorite bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries, museums, shops and beaches. We get asked about our favorite spots all the time, and now we have this handy Google Map to share. Its permanent home is in the ‘sf spots’ tab at the top of the site.

Love, Emily