we’re alive! just busy!

It’s been a really crazy few months.


Jordan is getting his psychology nerd on, studying lots, running lots of experiments, plus selling lots records at the Amoeba Music, bike riding like a fiend, learning how to surf, and decimating the mold infestation in our formerly-leaky bedroom.

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I’ve working hard in the Joby webiverse, launching new products (camera straps and smartphone tripods – woot!), pulling together three holiday campaigns (gift guide, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, 12 days of Christmas giveaways), plus some cooking, learning to surf, and snuggling with Willow and Jordan to keep my sanity. Bottom line, spending more time on a computer to blog just hasn’t been on the menu.



Willow is very ready to be a surf dog. Still, her main aim in life is to find the most comfortable spot in the house and snuggle up.



With any luck, we’ll be back with more tasty porktastic recipes. Probably more sporadic than the good ole days, but back nonetheless.

Hoping your holidays are off to a wonderful start! Maybe a few French bulldogs in your stocking this year? I sure wouldn’t mind one of those lil peanuts on Christmas morning.



Ps. Last Saturday we went to see Thomas Keller speak. He was humble, honest and really darn smart. And then we got to meet him and have all of our cookbooks signed!!! If it isn’t obvious from this super nerdy photo, I was on cloud nine.



to round out 2011

We’ve spent the last week or so gloriously far away from our computers. It was fun to pretend that our jobs/computers/the internet didn’t exist for a bit. We’re back with recipes, but need a few more days to pull our blogging-selves back together. In the meantime, here are a few photos from our trip  …

We drove back to Sacramento.

Bringing the dog-tally up to five. Five dogs. One big house.

We finally met my sister’s corgi. And he is a cute little rascal.

My sister and I ate burritos. Oh burritos.

We celebrated Christmas with both of our families.

And took really nice walks to the lake.

And I somehow liked these two even more.

Then there was some epic antiquing with the Mama.

Then we came back to San Francisco and shared the city with our friends Jordan and Kelsey for a day.

It’s nice to be home.

And lastly, Willow and I spent our New Year’s Day lounging in the park. 68 degrees and sunny! I’m hoping 2012 will continue on that note.

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday. Here’s to 2012 and another year spent around the kitchen table!