paris, je t’aime

It seems wrong to write about cookies in light of Friday’s events. My heart is breaking for Paris.


My heart is filled with sadness for all of the people who’ve been affected by this terrible tragedy, for everyone whose life will not ‘get back to normal’ anytime soon. How one person can decide it is their right to take the life of another, another who is just going about their life, eating dinner, spending time with friends, walking down the street. Such brutal, unchecked violence against innocent people is impossible to comprehend.

The strength of the people of France in the wake of terror is inspiring. Instead of fear, they hold love and pride in the their hearts, filling parks and streets, communing together, sharing their pain and spreading hope. It’s remarkable.

Hug your people close, tell them you love them more than you already do. Life is short. Fear must never win.

In love and hope,

By The Answer is Always Pork

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