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Last Saturday, two dear friends from college got married. My friend Katie (pastry chef extraordinaire) made their cake, and I helped her decorate it. We had a great time and it was so nice (albeit a bit nerve-wracking) to contribute something to their special day.

Since I had absolutely nothing to do with the baking of the cake, I don’t have a recipe here for you, but I do have some fine pictures of the beautiful concoction.  So here it is in all its glory … a vanilla chiffon cake with lemon curd between the layers slathered in marshmallowy vanilla frosting.

That’s Katie behind the camera lens in the background. She’s pretty darn cute!

I made the cake topper. I think my Mama would be proud of my floral arranging skills.


We’re hoping a potential wedding cake business is in our future, especially now that Miss Norton lives in California!


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Ooh I would have loved for you to do my cake! Maybe you can do one of my sisters’ instead…. they’ve got time ;). Anyway I went with frosting on my wedding cake too. Fondant is gross!

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