kiwis, crabs and lots of driving

January is already off to a rather busy start. We’re trying to launch our newest product at work, which means I’m creating a new marketing website and a teacher resource website, two promo videos, app store screenshots and descriptions, reaching out to press, following up with pilot classrooms, and so much testing. This also means that I am sick of staring at a computer screen by the time I get home.

Instead of working on computery things like blogging (me) and analyzing data (Jordan) over the weekend, we took the weekend off. Really off. Two whole days. We spent most of Saturday on the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping off wherever it looked interesting and poking around. On Sunday, my dad came down to the city and we feasted on dungeness crab.

pch-weekend-1 pch-weekend-2 pch-weekend-3 pch-weekend-4

We harvested kiwi at Swanton Berry Farm in Santa Cruz. 10 days in the fridge. 10 days on the counter. I guess we’ll know in three weeks how good they are.

pch-weekend-5 pch-weekend-6

You can get dungeness crab fresh and feisty off of the boats in the harbor at Half Moon Bay. Go in the morning, look for a boat with a Live Crab banner, pick a few up and keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat later that day. Crab this fresh is heavenly, and a lot of fun to eat with a group. In case you’re not sure how to cook your crab, here’s a post on it from a few years ago, the first time we had a our own crab feed.

pch-weekend-7 pch-weekend-8 pch-weekend-9 pch-weekend-10

I hope your new year is off to a great start—and maybe a bit more full of weekends that feel like vacation than 1-week-from-launch-brain-exploding-workweeks.


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Cooking and Eating in San Francisco

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Wonderful story, complete with great pix… Loved the Brunch Bunch (pelican and seal) waiting for a handout.

Love, GH

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