a while before

We’ve spent the last two weekends in Sacramento, steadily chipping away at our Google Doc filled with wedding to-dos. I’ve got a few categories to keep me organized—A While Before, Soon Before, Today is the Day Fingers-Crossed—and I think this system is working for me. The wedding countdown websites so favored by Martha Stewart types far too intimidating, I immediately deleted my accounts upon subscribing. I suppose there isn’t really a way to know how well my particular system has worked until the wedding has come and gone, but by then it will be blessedly too late to change anything anyhow. And so, onward, strikethrough font at the ready.

What with all this brain-power devoted to wedding planning and thesis writing (perhaps not the best laid plan, consecutive Masters-degree-earning and marriage-happening), we haven’t had much time to cook anything all that fun. Instead I’m going to share some portraits that our photographer Arturo took a few weeks ago. Being editor in chief has it’s perks. Arturo is quite the talent, and our living room looks positively gigantic. Let the record show that the room is not at all large in real life, though the handsomeness my groom and my hound are accurately reflected in the photographs.

arturo-1arturo-2arturo-5 arturo-4 arturo-3

We’re home this weekend and have a pizza adventure in the works. I hope to have something good for you next week.